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What Your ADHD Child Wants to Tell You

Excerpts taken from Silas Smith's Presentation at ADHD - What You Don't Know...Really Can Hurt, October 5 & 19, 2014.

They say "out of the mouths of babes often times come gems".  That was certainly true of Silas Smith's presentation at our recent ADHD awareness event.  His assignment - "make a list of things ADHD kids want their parents to know."  What he mined from that task was a treasure chest of what every parent needs to remember when interacting with their child.

Know Your


It's not tutoring. It's not therapy. But coaching is a vital part of an effective ADHD management plan.

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Mary and son Silas Smith.  Silas is a 21 year old Fine Arts Major at the University of North Texas. While he still faces the unique challenges that come with his ADHD and dyslexia, he is thriving in his process of learning to live as an independent young adult.